Timor Global (TL) LDA is a Timor Leste based company that was set up in March 2005 to grow and develop our business in Coffee Plantations & Trading.

As a leader in the Coffee & Agribusiness Community, we introduced new innovations and technologies to Timor in order to increase productivity and quality as well as to bring to the international market our shade grown, high altitude Arabica coffee beans.

We are also a pioneer in Product Development for Export methods in East Timor, leading the way on how domestically grown produce such as cloves, mung beans, peanuts and tumeric to be exported to the international market.

To lead by example, Timor Global establised the first commercial peanut farm in the Bacau District in 2007.

As part of on our on-going efforts, we are looking into the following future developments in East Timor

  • Enhanced Food Processing
  • Cassava Chips
  • Rice Cultivation
  • Spices - Dried & Fresh
  • Vegetables
  • Beans & Pulses
  • Flour

Our Mission / Vision

Short Term Goals

We intend to rehabilitate 3,000 hectares of abandoned coffee estates around East Timor, to introduce new techniques for cultivation methodologies and to introduce a worker participative plantation management scheme.


Long Term Goals

To be a leader in the Timor Coffee Industry in order to to achieve speciality grade and to be a leading major Agribusiness Trading House who supports self-sustaining local farming communities.